Friday, November 7, 2014

Yamaha BMS10A Microphone Stand Adapter Review


Not everything I review on Rex and the Bass is big and expensive – there are also a lot of cool gadgets that make life easier for musicians, and one of these is the Yamaha BMS510A Microphone Stand Adapter.

This is an extra-cool piece of work that allows you to attach a small mixer or powered speaker to a microphone stand. This is handy in the studio if you need more desk space, or on stage if you need to only have to run a small mixer. The BMS510A is a heavy chunk of metal that screws onto a standard 5/8-27 thread microphone stand, or with the included collar, a European 3/8-16 thread stand.

It has two 2.5mm thumb screws that thread into the bottom of quite a few Yamaha products, including:

Current Yamaha models: MG10, MG10XU, MG06, MG06X, and the STAGEPAS 400i and 600i


Discontinued Yamaha models: MG102C, MG82CXMG 10/2, MG8/2FX, and the STAGEPAS 300 and 500

Once mounted to the stand, the mount can be adjusted forward or backward, to give you pretty much all of the angles you need. Yamaha warns against putting anything that weighs more than 11 pounds on this adapter, which is probably sound advice.

It works exactly as advertised, and I have used these adaptors regularly on my smaller MG-series mixers with no problems. The only improvement I would suggest is adding a some sort of quick disconnect – when the mount is installed on the mixer it makes for a awkward package when putting everything away after a show, and unscrewing the mount from the mixer each time is kind of time-consuming.

The Yamaha BMS10A microphone stand adapter is also a pretty good deal. The list price for one of these is $28, but Musician’s Friend sells them for $22, and Amazon has them for around $18. If you have any of these mixers or one of the smaller Yamaha powered speakers, I recommend picking one of these up – it is a really cool piece of hardware!


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