Thursday, November 20, 2014

Rex and The Reviews


There has been a slight change in my blogging situation, as there are CDs to be reviewed that are stacking around my studio like cordwood, and I am going to have to take a different path to get the word out about all of the great new music out there.

I publish 12 blog posts per month on Rex and the Bass and limit the content to two album reviews per month, so it will take me a lifetime to work these in. The most logical thing to do is to launch another blog: Rex and the Reviews. This site will join my music blog and my instructional design blog, so nothing will be going away – there will just be a little more of me out there.

The music that I will be reviewing comes from bands and promoters, and I will give a brief and honest assessment of each so that my readers will have an idea of what they will be getting if they decide to make a purchase. I am a reviewer, not a critic, meaning that I am not a judge.

I hope you will support this new blog, and appreciate it for what it is meant to be. I will leave the comments section open, so feel free to start conversations about what I have said or about your experiences with the music I am listening to. Comments will be moderated, so please be polite.

If you are a musician or promoter, feel free to contact me and we will see about getting you added into the mix. Music is about fun and entertainment, and I am glad to share the good news of whatever you are recording.

Thanks for checking in, and best wishes to you all.



  1. Couldn't find an email for ya...Thanks for the nice review in Bluesblast Mag...Much appreciated...
    Joe Caro

  2. Rex, I also can't find an email contact for you. How do I get a cd or Dropbox link of my cd to you for possible review? Thanks.

  3. Rex and The Reviews is one of the most popular spoken word artists in Australia today. He is also the winner of best spoken word title at the Dark Comedy Awards 2014, 2014 Perrier Award for best comedy show and has performed at institutions such as London's Fringe Festival at the Park Theatre and Melbourne's Crocmedia Comedy Festival