Saturday, November 15, 2014

Book Review: Blues In Modern Days, by Terry Mullins

Terry Mullins: Blues In Modern Days | Book Review

Blues Blast Publishing

Softcover, 227 pages


As many of you know, I am a staff writer for Blues Blast Magazine, and this has been a wonderful opportunity for me over the past few years. Well, Bob Kieser (the mastermind of Blues Blast) recently started Blues Blast Publishing, and their first publication is Blues in Modern Days, by Terry Mullins.

Terry is an author and former record store owner who loves all types of music, but has a deep appreciation that the blues is the at the root of almost all modern music. You can find his journalistic writings on a daily basis if you live in the Ozarks, and weekly if you are a fan of Blues Blast Magazine. As Senior Staff Writer, he writes a slew of feature articles and interviews and they are all must-reads.

Blues in Modern Days lets 31 prominent modern blues artists share their stories in their own words with Terry moderating and putting everything into context with his own writing. Even if you are not a big blues fan, you surely have heard of a few of these fine folks: Jody Williams, Billy Boy Arnold, Sugar Pie Desanto, Matt ‘Guitar’ Murphy, James Cotton, Lonnie Brooks, Ronnie Baker Brooks, Wayne Baker Brooks, Kenny ‘Beedy Eyes’ Smith, Diunna Greenleaf, Willie ‘Big Eyes’ Smith, Mud Morganfield, Phil Wiggins, Teeny Tucker, Kenny Neal, Lurrie Bell, Johnny Rawls, Lady Bianca, Sugar Blue, Willie ‘The Touch’ Hayes, Billy Branch, Zora Young, John Primer, Dave Riley, Magic Slim, Lil’ Ed Williams, James ‘Super Chikan’ Johnson, Guitar Shorty, Eric ‘Guitar’ Davis, Eddie ‘Devil Boy’ Turner and Toronzo Cannon.

All of these folks have something fun to share, and this book provides a wonderful insight into the daily lives of professional musicians, as well as their hopes and inspirations. Mullins has an easygoing and compelling writing style making this a fun read as it delivers a solid lesson in the history of modern blues. It is not chock full of photos, but there are action shots of the artists, and I believe Kieser shot all of them for Blues Blast over the years.

I finished my copy awhile ago, reading a story or two each night, and each chapter provided many nuggets that were new to me. I only wish that there was even more, and hope that They can publish a second volume at some point. Anyway, I highly recommend picking up a copy and continuing your education too!

If you want to get your own copy of Blues in Modern Days (and you should), head on over to where you can buy one for $15.95 plus $5 for postage. They will ship to Canada and overseas too, please see the site for details.

By the way, these books would also make great presents for the music lovers in your life and this could be an opportunity to knock out your Christmas shopping early...

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