Sunday, November 9, 2014

Gibson Explorer Back from the Hot Rod Shop


Well, I recently got my Gibson Explorer back from my buddy the hot rod builder, where he had it to do his magic with. He always wanted to do a guitar and I gave it to him with no instructions or direction, and he used his own style to make the guitar look the way he thought it should look, and he went all out!

Pictures cannot do this guitar justice. He sprayed a flawless green and black flip-flop metallic with a scratch resistant clear coat. He had it pinstriped by the number 1 striper in the So Cal hotrod scene, and he had a sign shop custom make lettering that celebrates famous users of the Gibson Explorer. It is a smooth as silk, and this one is actually a keeper in every sense of the word.

It is pretty, but I plan to play the crap out of this guitar as it is so powerful, and it sounds amazing with proper set-up from the guys at Long Beach Guitar Repair. Of course the clear is amazing, and it is renowned for its resistance to scratching (at $400 a quart…), so I am not too worried about wearing it out. The only thing I can think of doing to it is possibly putting a different color (black or matching green) pickguard on it.

The best thing is that it was a labor of love by a good friend, and it carries a lot of good memories with it. It is not going anywhere!


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