Sunday, January 22, 2017

NAMM 2017: Selling Your Music Gear On


I have been selling music gear on the biggest online auction website for almost 20 years now, and as the years have gone by my satisfaction has waned as costs and regulations have ballooned, while finding buyers has become more difficult. Don't even get me started on Craigslist, which is a cesspool of humanity and scam artists.

I have been using for online purchases for a year now, but never even thought of using it to unload gear that I am no longer using. And I have a lot of gear that is not doing much of anything right now! After speaking with Rachel from at the 2017 NAMM show, I am going to have to give it a shot and get some of my guitars, basses, speakers, and live sound equipment up for sale pronto. is pretty much an online service that puts buyers in touch with retailers and everyday people who are selling new and used gear. The company is based in Chicago and was founded in 2013 by David Kalt, who you might also know as the head honcho for Chicago Music Exchange. This website is a completely separate entity that was founded to be “An online community created and run by musicians where buying and selling music gear is easy and affordable.”

In my dealings with, I think that they have achieved this goal. When I buy something through them my interactions are with musicians who are knowledgeable about their products. Many online auction site sellers know nothing about the gear they are peddling, and I have been disappointed many times with products I have received. This is not the case with Reverb, as my very few less than great experiences were solved quickly after contacting the sellers, who were more than happy to make things right.

Rachel went through the whole process of signing up for a account, which is free, and explained the fee structure to me. It is simple, really. There is no fee to list items, and collects a 3.5% fee of the final selling price of items ($0.50 minimum and $350 maximum fee) – compare this to what you are paying on other sites. She also showed me how to list items (also easy - only one page to fill out) and let me know that listings can go until the items sell, with no charge if you need to cancel the listing for any reason.

It seems like a no-brainer, so I am going to have to give a shot. I will document how everything goes, and provide updates on Rex and the Bass. In the meantime, head over to to check things out for yourself!


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