Saturday, January 21, 2017

NAMM 2017: Mighty Bright NuFlex LED Music Stand Light Review


There are plenty of clip-on lights out there to choose from, so how does the discerning consumer decide which product to clip onto their music stand or mixing desk? For me, the answer is to choose the most reliable product, and lights from Santa Barbara based Mighty Bright have a stellar reputation, not to mention a staggering number of models to choose from. Today we are looking at the NuFlex, which was introduced at the 2016 Winter NAMM show, where it was selected by Music Inc. magazine for an Editor’s Choice Award.

The NuFlex is a tidy clip-on lamp that sports 3 LEDs on the end of a flexible neck. The clamp is beefy and has a nice rubberized jaws, and the whole thing is about 8 inches long and weighs a tad over 5 ounces. Also in the package you will find a nylon carry sack and 3 AAA batteries. You are not stuck with using batteries, though, as there is a micro USB port on the battery compartment which would be handy for more permanent installations The micro USB cable and power source are not included, but everybody and their brother has this kind of stuff lying around.

Moving on to the actual performance of the NuFlex, I was very impressed with the fit and finish, as well as the ability of the clip to hold onto surfaces as varied as a Hamilton music stand, the edge of my kitchen table, a hardcover book, and the top of a laptop screen. This thing would have been a godsend when I was changing my kid’s timing belt a few weeks ago! The flexible neck feels sturdy and stays put wherever I angle it. Mighty Bright has first-class customer service, but with products of this quality I cannot imagine that they have a lot of returns.

The light itself is not the ghoulish blue glow that you find on cheaper products. Instead, the light is a warm, and puts out up to 35 lumens (Whatever that means, I am not a scientist). When I say “up to” that means that the light is dimmable, and by holding the power switch down it will transition from brighter to dimmer, and then back again. Apparently 35 lumens are enough to illuminate up sheet music, computer keyboards, and shop projects, as I never felt like I needed more light when using the NuFlex.

Best of all, the Mighty Bright NuFlex will not break the bank, as it comes in under 25 bucks. And if you want something besides black, there are four other colors to choose from. This thing is a winner, and I do not miss the plug-in incandescent lamps that we used to stick on our stands in the old days.

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