Thursday, January 19, 2017

NAMM 2017: Clear Tune Monitors Vintage Series In-Ear Monitors Review


I am a big fan of in-ear monitors and was recently able to check out Clear Tune Monitors' new Vintage Series products, and they seem like a very good value.

Clear Tune Monitors (CTM) is based out of Orlando, Florida, and they have been in the business of selling custom-fit in-ear monitors for a while. But, the custom market is not for everybody as they are expensive, there is a certain amount of hassle involved in getting the molds made, and they take a awhile to be made.

The Vintage Series of monitors is a solid attempt by CTM to reach a few new demographics – musicians who are looking for universal fit monitors, and people who are looking for high-end earbuds. To meet these folks’ needs there are three different models in this series:

- VS2. These are 2 driver, 2-way monitors designed more for audiophiles. They have a fairly flat sound curve and a clear tone. Specs are 110dB @ 1mw input sensitivity, frequency response of 20 Hz to 15.5 kHz, and impedance of 20ohm @ 1 kHz. The list price of the VS2 monitors is $399.99.

- VS3. These are 3 driver, 3-way monitors that are designed more for on-stage musicians. They have a very sharp tone with incredible bass and mids – the kick drum really pops with these, making them my favorite of the bunch. Specs are 124dB @ 1mw input sensitivity, frequency response of 20 Hz to 16 kHz, and impedance of 20ohm @ 1 kHz. The list price of the VS3 monitors is $499.99.

- VS4. These are 4-driver, 3-way monitors that have a very warm sound with terrific mids. They sound great, and would be my choice for general music listening. Specs are 119dB @ 1mw input sensitivity, frequency response of 20 Hz to 16.5 kHz, and impedance of 28ohm @ 1 kHz. The list price of the VS4 is $599.99.

All of these monitor systems provide -26dB of noise isolation, and they All of have a 1-year warranty, with cables that are replaceable separately. They come in cool packaging, and include an assortment of different foam and silicone tips, a ¼-inch adapter, a tool to clean the ear goo out of them, and a nice zippered case.

It should also be mentioned that the Vintage Series monitors have cool chrome accents (sort of a 50s vibe), and come in four attractive colors: Darth Black (seriously), Intense Red, Dusty Blue, and Passion Pink. In my book, the pink is the coolest. Your mileage may vary…

As I said, the VS3 are my favorites, but you are not going to go wrong with any of these Clear Tune Monitors products. Of course, keep in min that the way we hear sounds is subjective, so it is always nice to try before you buy. I tried, and came impressed! For more details or to order, go to


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