Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ernie Ball 2733 Cobalt Hybrid Slinky Bass Strings

Como estas?

Ernie Ball has to be one of the biggest guitar and bass string manufacturers in the world, but despite their hefty market share they are not resting on their laurels. They keep coming out with new products, and I am a big fan of their coated strings they recently introduced, as well as their adoption of sealed string packaging.

At NAMM this year they introduced a new line of Cobalt-series strings that were supposed to do miraculous things, and I must confess it made my BS meter twitch a little. But I read through their info and was intrigued by the logic behind going to a cobalt alloy string wrapping.

The idea is that the cobalt alloy is more strongly attracted to magnets (as found in pickups) than any other material previously used. Also, this alloy is more resistant to corrosion caused by moisture and sweat. The results are improved output, sustain and clarity. As a bonus, the strings also last longer and are less susceptible to breakage, being stronger than nickel or steel.

These strings are available in the usual popular guitar and bass string set sizes, so I went down to my local Guitar Center and bought a set of the 2733 Cobalt Hybrid Slink Bass Strings for 30 bucks (MSRP of $59.99. This is about 10 buck more than I usually spend, but you have to take chances in life. I brought them home and stripped the standard Hybrid Slinky bass strings from my trusty MusicMan Classic Stingray bass and did not have to change a thing with the action.

These strings really do sound awesome, and certainly do have a bit more output than the regular Hybrid Slinky bass strings I have been using for years on my Stingrays. I didn’t notice much of a change in sustain, but maybe there is something to this cobalt thing.

I have been using these strings for a little over a month (this being my main player), and I have noticed no degradation in tone. I usually change roundwound strings every month or two, but these look like they are going to hold up for a bit longer. I will be sure to provide an update if anything changes.

I think you should try out a set of these for your guitar or bass. They are more expensive than ordinary Ernie Ball strings, but the increased life and performance is worth it.



  1. Thanks, Rex!

    I'm looking forward to trying a set myself.

  2. Yep...I was curious if they were really any different. I'm gonna try a set too.