Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ed Friedland’s Bass Method Book 1 Review


I have bought at least 6 copies of Ed Friedland’s Bass Method Book 1 over the years. You see, every time somebody tells me that they want to be a bass player, I give them my copy and I never see it again.

When my boy told me he wanted to learn how to play bass I went to my local Sam Ash music store and bought yet another copy. This is money well spent, in my opinion, and it could not go to a nicer guy.

You see, Ed Friedland’s bass method books are logically organized, and can help a raw beginner learn everything they need to know to get started on the instrument.

Bass Method Book 1 starts at the very beginning, teaching the newbie the names of the bass guitar parts and how to properly hold the instrument. It proceeds through tuning the bass and musical symbols and notation.

From there it teaches the notes within the first five positions, as well as common bass lines, patterns and rhythms. These lessons are interspersed with playing tips and techniques that Ed has learned over the years. You even get a play-along CD -- this stuff is pure gold!

You can find Bass Method Book 1 on Amazon for $5.99, or you can get all 3 volumes in a plastic comb bound version for $15.63. This is a real bargain for the best bass method books you can buy. Of course, if you are in a hurry you can buy Volume 1 with the CD for $9.95 at most any music store in the country.

I only wish I could find a method for guitar that works as well as Ed Friedland’s bass books.


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