Friday, April 1, 2011

Inventory Update:Second Quarter of 2011

Hi there!

What does Rex have in stock right now? I am sure everybody is dying to know, and a surprising number of guitars from my first quarter update are still here. Here we go:

1. Art and Lutherie Ami parlour guitar. This is not getting as much use as I thought it would, but I have some travel coming up and it might come along.

2. 1982 Fender JV Precision Bass. The oldest Japanese Fender I have ever seen. I recently had this one strung with Jamerson flats. My god, Magnum.

3. 1983 Fender JV Precision Bass. This one is still hanging in there. I have D’Addario flats on it, if I remember correctly.

4. 1984 Fender JV 62 RI Jazz Bass. This bass was really hard to find. It seems like there 20 JV P basses for every JV Jazz Bass that comes along.

5. 1997 Fender 52 RI Telecaster. I recently had this set-up with Ernie Ball 0.010’s, and this is the best-sounding Telecaster I have ever had. And the heaviest.

6. 1999 Fender 75 RI Jazz Bass. This is the only bass I have ever found in Japan that had flatwound strings on it. I left them on, and I think they are Ernie Ball Group III’s.

7. Kala Tenor Ukulele. Code named “Operation Bad Idea”. I need to put some more time into learning how to play this thing.

8. Simon & Patrick Songsmith dreadnought. I get a lot of comments about these guitars on my blog. People love these things.

9. 1983 Tokai Love Rock. This may be going on sale soon. Stay tuned.

10. Genz Benz Shuttle 6.0 with 2 12-inch Shuttle cabinets. I have somehow withstood the temptations of the Genz 9.0 and the new Genz Streamliner. The 6.0 is sticking around for now.

11. Cave Passive Pedals. These are the only products on my pedalboard besides my trusty Boss tuner.

12. Fender Vibro Champ XD. This amp has not been getting a lot of use lately, but it is not in my way either. I will be keeping it for awhile.

Check back on June 1st. You never know what the future will bring.



  1. Rex, a client of mine may want a shot at that Tokai...

  2. It is still around, Corey. Give me a call sometime...