Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fender Double Gig Bag

How’s it going?

There was a time when I sneered at gig bags, and would only get hard cases for my guitars and basses. My attitude has turned around on this one, and most of my instruments are in gig bags now.

I would feel differently if I was playing out a lot and had to stick my gear in a van with the rest of the band’s crap, but that is not my situation. For around the house or loading up my car a gig bag is plenty for me. You will find that light weight and less space are big bonuses, especially if you are using public transportation.

I found the Fender Deluxe Double Electric Bass Guitar Gig Bag last year, when Musician’s Friend had them on sale, and I am tickled pink with it. Hee!

For starters, this is a double bag so it holds two basses, which makes for a tidy package when travelling. I have yet to find an electric bass that does not fit it in it, but then again I do not own a Thunderbird or an Aria ZZB, which may be exceptions.

There are six exterior pockets that are big enough to hold effect pedals, sheet music, notebooks and cords. Just for grins I stuffed my Genz Benz Shuttle 6.0 and my laptop in the big pocket, and they fit fine. However, I am a little leery of putting anything heavy or pointy in the exterior pockets because they could damage the bass if it takes an impact.

The case is built well, with a 600-denier nylon with 4/5" (20mm) of internal padding. It is quite well padded compared to the Roadrunner bags they on sale at Guitar Center. I have used mine for over a year, and the stitching and fabric still look fine.

My only gripe with this bag is that the carry handle is a little too far back, so that it is unbalanced (neck-heavy) when carrying it. In mitigation, the backpack straps that come with the gig bag have multiple attachment points, so you can sling this bag across your back however you see fit.

The best part about the Fender Double Electric Bass Guitar Gig Bag is its price, as you can buy a new one for 50 bucks (MSRP $84.95). I heartily recommend this product.


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