Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Great Find: Custom Made Amplifier and Speaker Covers

Hey everybody!

I want to clue you all in to some great people who are making custom speaker and amplifier covers. I purchased covers from them for my QSC K8 and KSUB PA speakers and am very happy with what I received.

Covers are essential if you ever play out or do DJ gigs. I was very frustrated to have things sliding around in the back of my truck, and scratching/dinging my expensive cabinets. But, I was looking at the $80 bags that QSC sells for the K8 and thought they were a horrible value.

I dug around on eBay and found that a seller (Connietom1123) was selling a pair of padded K8 covers for $45.99 plus $14 for shipping to my ZIP code. Huh. $60 sounds a lot better than $160, so I ordered up a pair for the K8s and splurged on a pair of their other covers for my subs.

They showed up within a week via USPS, and when I put them on my speakers I was thrilled. Let me tell you a little about them.

These covers are handmade in Pennsylvania, using new padded moving blankets. They are a slip over design that is patterned after your speaker or amplifier, so there are no zippers to fool with. Cutouts in the covers allow the factory carry handles to be used with no problems.

They are easy to install, but in case you cannot figure out how to install them, instructions are included.

Mine are holding up well, and I would not hesitate to buy from them again if I buy more equipment, or if I wear these covers out. But I do not think they will wear out any time soon, they still look great.

Looking though their sales page, I see that they have covers for oodles of applications besides QSC, including: Mackie, Acoustic Audio, Adamson, Alesis, B-52, Bag End, Behringer, Bose, Carvin, Cerwin-Vega, Danley Sound Labs, Crate, EAW, Egnater, EV, Fender, Genz-Benz, Harbinger, I DJ Now Grundorf, JBL, Kustom, Mark Bass, MCM, Nady, Peavey, Podium Pro, RCF, Roland, Tapco, Technical Pro, Turbosound, Vandersteen, Wharfedale, Yamaha, and Yorkville .

Check them out on eBay (again, seller ID Connietom1123), and you will be impressed with what you find.



  1. Seems like a pretty good product. Do they stay put if you stack em? I'm thinking about getting a pair made if they can custom fit them to my cabinets. Thanks for the post.

  2. Hey bzb! Depending on the cabinet they probably would. I would go ahead and contact them. They are really nice people and might be able to help you out. Thanks for checking in!

  3. Just got some new EV ELX112P speakers and need covers. Saw these on eBay and she had a link to your blog. Great post. Do the covers offer any water repellency? It's kind of hard to see what the material is like. Any moving blanket I've ever handled is really soft and seem really absorbent so I'd be worried about that.

  4. Hi there!

    These are newer-style moving blankets so they have a nylon-esque outer layer. They will bead water off them for awhile but if you dump water on them they will soak through. Plus if you was them they will be softer and suck up water easier.

    They are really nice covers, though, and I need to order some more for some new speaker cabinets I just got...


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