Sunday, December 5, 2010

Martin D-15 Acoustic Guitar

Buenos dias!

Today we are looking at a 2006 Martin D-15 acoustic guitar. This model is on the lower end of the Martin spectrum, but is still a pretty nice US-made guitar.

It is made with nice wood. It has a mahogany neck, Sitka spruce top, and East Indian rosewood sides and back. The bridge is made of East Indian rosewood too.

The neck is pretty sweet. It has a pretty smooth oval profile, and has a matte finish. 14 of the 20 frets are clear of the body, and they are well-finished and pretty level.

How does it play? The neck is very good and the guitar came well set-up right out of the box. I cranked in a little lower action with the truss rod and it was good to go.

The sounds is good, but not great. Maybe a little thin, and not terribly even in tone from string to string, but pretty good. With a dreadnought I think of more volume than this one puts out. Maybe in a few years it will improve.

As far as extras, the Martin D-15 comes with a super-nice hardshell case. For a list price of $1499.00 (street price of $999.00), I guess it is the least you can expect.

My biggest beef with this guitar is its general appearance. The whole thing has a matte finish, which really doesn’t fly with me for a geezle.

For a good budget alternative, I would say look at the Godin line of guitars, or save up and buy a D-28.


  1. You're a prolific blogger !!! Do you get enough sleep ?


  2. Hey Milo. No, I do not get enough sleep, but thanks for checking in, and I hope you have a great day!


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