Wednesday, December 1, 2010

1981 Greco Super Power Guitar


You may have noticed a trend of me writing about different Japanese Les Paul copies and today is no exception. Today we are looking at a super clean 1981 Greco Super Power Custom guitar. This is one of the models that got Gibson into an uproar because the Japanese were able to make a better Les Paul for less money. Win-win! So Gibson sued them. Fail-fail!

This guitar was made in Japan by Fujigen-Gakki. This factory is renowned for producing most of the high quality lawsuit guitars, as well as the MIJ Tokai models, Orville, Ibanez, Greco, and Yamaha guitars for the Japan market. These are all really high-quality guitars.

As I said, this guitar is clean. There is some normal playwear, but this is in excellent condition for a 25 year old guitar. It is a solid 8 out of 10, by my conservative estimate.

It has a 1-piece non-chambered mahogany body with a 1/2" thick 3-piece maple top. The binding is in terrific shape. There was a pickguard at one point and but the holes have since been filled. I would probably put a pickguard on it, as that is how I like my Les Pauls.

The bound neck is set (not bolted), and is 1-piece mahogany. It is straight, and plays fast. It has kind of a medium profile, and feels like a 70s Les Paul neck to me. The original jumbo frets are in great shape, with probably 90% remaining. The headstock inlays are genuine mother-of-pearl, and look really classy.

I believe that the pickups and all of the electronics are stock. The controls are smooth and operate quietly.

The hardware is original, and shows some wear to the finish. The Greco-marked tuners are a nice touch.

It weighs in around 8.5 pounds, so it is not super heavy and will not kill your back like some LPs.

As always, the magic question is: how does it play? It is solid, and you can see why one manufacturer was so upset that these guitars were being produced. It looks right, sounds right, and plays better than anything the Gibson factory is cranking out today,

If you are looking at a new Les Paul, save your money and pick up something like this instead.

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  1. The tailpiece and bridge look to be nickel rather than chrome, too.