Wednesday, October 20, 2010

MusicMan Luke Guitar

Hi there!

Today we are looking at a very nice Ernie Ball MusicMan Luke guitar, finished in glossy black. Deadly serious color, it is. This is, of course, the signature guitar of Steve Lukather.

Steve Lukather is more than just the guy from Toto (which should be enough for anybody). He is THE go-to guy in the music industry, and has been involved, in some capacity, in the creation of over 1000 albums.

Anyway, this is the guitar that the MusicMan company builds to his specifications. Key to its sound is the venerable HSS pickup configuration, with active EMG pickups and electronics. That would be an 85 at the bridge and SLV single coils for the center and neck positions.

The alder body has a very pleasant shape, and this is really a sharp-looking guitar. The neck joint is sculpted to allow access to the upper frets.

The MusicMan floating tremolo works well and stays in tune. The Schaller locking tuners are a nice (and high-quality) touch which make string changes a breeze.

The neck is true and the truss rod works fine. There is a bit of birdseye to the neck. You do not see that very much anymore

This Luke weighs in at 7 pounds, 14 ounces, which is not too heavy.

This guitar is all original, and has not been modified or repaired. I am the original owner, having bought it earlier this year from Guitar Center (where it sat around forever, apparently).

This guitar is in excellent overall condition with only minor play wear, and no major dents or dings that I can find. There is almost no wear to the low-profile wide frets. It plays like a dream and sounds killer, especially in the bridge humbucker position.

These are built to the highest standards in San Luis Obispo California, and are not terribly cheap. A new Luke has an MSRP of $2250 and a street price of $1575. Why don’t you head out today and pick one up?

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