Saturday, October 2, 2010

ESP Amaze AM-175 Jazz Bass

Hi there!

The bass we are looking at today was one of the best instrument values I have ever gotten, when comparing quality and features to what I actually paid.

This is an ESP Amaze AM-175 bass. These were built in Japan by ESP in the mid 1990s, and were not intended to be exported.

Looking at the bass, it is obviously a derivative of the Fender Jazz Bass, but it has many changes from the ones that Leo started selling 50 years ago.

The jazz-shaped ash body has been modernized, with sharper contours, and some material removed to make access to the upper frets easier. Who uses those frets, anyway? It is finished in a cool transparent pink/orange.

The 21-fret neck has an ebony fretboard, and plays killer. The frets are well-done, and this is a very comfortable bass to play (if you like jazz-width necks).

The hardware is first-rate, with a Schaller bridge and tuners. They are gold-finished, which is never my first choice, but do appear to be original to the bass.

It is equipped with ESP pickups and 9-volt active electronics. They are quiet and very powerful. This bass can sound very smooth or aggressive.

So, it is a well-built, feature-packed bass that plays well and sounds good. And, as I said earlier, it is one of the best values I ever found. I picked this up in Japan a few years ago (when the dollar was stronger) for a little under $300.


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