Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2010 House Party


I have not posted to the blog for the past week, as it has been pretty busy around here with work and preparations for the annual house party. Fortunately, on Sunday the house party came off without a hitch.

We’ve had an annual end-of-summer house party for a few years now (although lately it has been bi-annual), as an opportunity to get our friends together and have a good time. We do not have many parties during the year, so these are usually a pretty big deal.

A handy by-product of the party is that house projects that have been suspiciously delayed miraculously become priorities when we realize there are a bunch of people coming over.

And this is a great bunch of people. They are folks I work with, as well as parents of children from my kid’s school and my neighbors. Hell, throw in a few old high school friends for good measure, even.

This year we were more prepared than ever, but of course the morning of the party was the typical progression of last-minute crises. Not the least of which was a light rain that started on Sunday morning. Not a good sign when 100 people have RSVP’s and there is not a lot of indoor space. The rain did stop, and held off until after the event was over.

Brats, burgers, hot dogs and veggie burgers were on the menu, and there was plenty of beer and adult beverages on hand. Our guests brought all kinds of cool side dishes, as well as other miscellaneous drink products.

A lot of folks brought their kids, and some ran amok in the front yard, while others did crafts inside. Amazingly, I did not see a lot of crying (for which I am eternally grateful).

The high point for me was the band that played. My friend Eric is in Stimulus Package, and they agreed to come out and show us a good time. I figured they would play for an hour, but they ended up doing two sets and playing for almost three hours. There is no substitute for live music, for sure. I barely even scratched the surface of the DJ mix I had put together for the party. BTW, also high on the amazement list was that there were no complaints from the neighbors and the police did not show up.

If I left anybody off the invite list, I apologize. It is hard to keep everything straight when planning something like this. And lastly, big thank to my wife, who did a great job of keeping all of this together, and making the event a success.


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