Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Inventory Update: 2nd Quarter of 2017


Thanks to the distraction of Winter NAMM I missed my January inventory update post, so six months have gone by, so we go straight to the second quarter list of what is stacked up in the studio. The pile has been stacked a little taller since October, but things are always coming and going. If you see anything here that you cannot live without, drop me a line. It is all good stuff…

First off, the basses:
∙ 1974 Aria Telecaster (STILL apart for repair)
∙ 1980 Yamaha Pulser
∙ Aria Pro II WL Wedge
∙ 1983 Ibanez RB630 Roadstar II
∙ 1986 MIJ Fender 1962 re-issue Precision Bass
∙ 1986 MIJ Fender Jazz Bass Special
∙ 1986 Aria Pro II SB Elite LTD
∙ 1987 Aria Pro II XRB 2A
∙ 1989 Ibanez EX405
∙ Sadowsky NYC Vintage P
∙ Sadowsky RV4
∙ Sadowsky MV5

Electric Guitars:
∙ 1983 Squier JV ‘62 re-issue Stratocaster
∙ 1990 Gibson Les Paul Standard
∙ 1994 MIJ Fender ‘62 re-issue Stratocaster
∙ 1994 MIJ Fender ’52 re-issue Telecaster
∙ 2008 Epiphone Les Paul Standard
∙ 2010 Gibson Explorer with custom pimp paint job
∙ LTD George Lynch Kamikaze 1
∙ Memphis Cigar Box Guitar by Matt Isbell

Acoustic Guitars:
∙ Martin Backpacker steel string
∙ Kala solid mahogany soprano ukulele
∙ 1980s Goya G-312
∙ Takamine EF341
∙ Takamine EF341SC

∙ 1967 Acoustic 260 Guitar Head
∙ Genz Benz Shuttle 9.2 with Aguilar GS112 and GS112NT Cabinets
∙ Fender Acoustasonic 30 DSP
∙ Fender Champion 300

Check in again in July to see what is still around. As always, you know it will be different!


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  1. You still have the 9.2 and gs112's. Was that your main setup all this time? Curious what your takeaways are bc gs112's are cheap and 9.2's pop up regularly for a decent price.