Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Proline LST2BK Tripod Speaker Stand Review


Today we are looking at one of the workhorse components of my live sound set-up. I have been using a pair of Proline LST2BK tripod speaker stands for over 5 years, and these budget-friendly medium duty stands have been no trouble at all!

I bought these stands at the last minute before a show, and ended up selecting them because they were they were on sale and looked like they would be good enough. They are rated for 150 pounds each (really?), can adjust from heights of 45 to 73 inches, and include an adapter so they can be with speakers that have either 1 3/8” (35mm) or 1 ½” sockets. They are light and pack up small so they are easy to bring along on gigs.

The LST2BK stand has a steel center shaft with an aluminum housing and legs, and everything is connected together by kind of cheap looking plastic joints and hardware. All of the metal is powder-coated black, which goes with everything!

I have used these stands with many different models of powered speakers, including Yamaha DXRs, the ill-fated Mackie Thumps, and my current QSC K12 set-up. All of these speakers have 35mm sockets, and after a few years of moving the unused aluminum 1 ½ inch adapters around my shop, I finally tossed them in the recycling bin. I have not missed them.

Setting up the stands is easy: just extend the legs and lock them down, set the speaker height (preferably using the included locking pins), and crank down the height knob. I lost one of the locking pins a few years back, but the height knob still has sufficient tension to hold the mast in place, even with a 41-pound K12 in place. The stands are more stable than they look, though I usually take it easy on them and adjust the legs so that the mast is setting on the ground, which provides that extra bit of security.

They have worked very well: they have never fallen over, the joints are still tight, and nothing has broken on them; even the black finish has held up well with just a few scratches. I have seen reviews from people that complain that they have lost hardware or broken the plastic pieces, but maybe these are just folks that do not take very good care of their stuff. I would buy more of these in a heartbeat, and indeed, a few years back I ended up getting two more for a really big show I was doing.

The Proline LST2BK speaker stands work well, and they come in at a really decent price of $39.99 from most online sellers. They might not be as heavy-duty as some of the $100 stands on the market, but for most applications they will work just fine. Trust me!


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