Saturday, January 2, 2016

Rex and the Bass 2015 Year in Review

Happy New Year!

This wraps up my 6th year of blogging, and Rex and the Bass is still a labor of love (and ego). I appreciate the support of my readers, and I read all of the comments that you post on this site. If nobody looked at these pages, I would lose motivation and move on to something else.

2015 had a few milestones: the blog now has over 800 posts, and Rex and the Bass is approaching 800,000 hits. Wow!

This side project of a blog has led to a few other side projects – writing gigs for Blues Blast Magazine and Chicago Blues Guide. Many thanks to their editors for having faith in me! Also, I have been getting so many CD submissions from artists that I started a blog just for music reviews, so if you want your music reviewed, feel free to mail me a copy of your work. And lastly, I have kept up a blog detailing my travails with going back to graduate school (one more semester to go!).

As in years past, here is a list of the top ten most read posts of all time for Rex and the Bass:

1. Apple A1121 iPod Hi-fi

2. Fender Jazz Bass Special Re-issue

3. Crystal Castles (2010) Album Review

4. Philip Kubicki Factor Basses

5. Memory Lane: Pulp Fiction Soundtrack

6. Little Dot Mark III Headphone Amplifier Review

7. Art and Lutherie Ami Cedar Parlour Acoustic Guitar

8. Honda EU2000i Portable Generator Review

9. Gallien-Krueger 400RB Bass Amplifier Review

10. 1970s Ibanez Les Paul Custom Guitar Review

I have always said that I would stop writing this blog when it is no longer fun. Well, I am not there yet, so I look forward to another year of sharing with you!


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