Thursday, August 13, 2015

Review: Hosa GXX-144 and GXX-145 XLR Adaptors


I am not a fan of adding any more connections to live sound set-up than there needs to be, but sometimes you need a little extra help to make all of your cables line up which is where these Hosa adaptors come in handy.

I have been a long-time user of Hosa cables and snakes, and the Buena Park, California company has always delivered quality goods for me and I appreciate their products’ durability and the company’s excellent customer service.

The adaptors we are looking at today are marketed under the insensitive moniker of “gender changers” but I am willing to let that slide for now. These are what you are going to need if you need to connect two male or female connector ends together. The GXX-144 has two male ends and the GXX-145 has two female ends. By the way, the gender designations do not apply to the shape of the connector ends, rather the terminals within them.

I have used these at least a few dozen times, and there have been no problems with erratic connections or unusual noises added to my signal chain. Of course, I feel bad every time I use them as it means that I did not properly plan ahead and I did not have the proper cables for the job in my road boxes.

The Hosa GXX-144 and GXX-145 adaptors are pretty cheap (about 7 bucks each on Amazon), and for sure you should be carrying one of each around in your kit if you are doing any live sound work. You never know what you might run into on stage!


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