Saturday, August 1, 2015

Album Review: David Michael Miller – Same Soil

David Michael Miller – Same Soil | Album Review

Food for the Soul Records

11 tracks / 54:56


I do not get a lot of new Blues music out of Buffalo, New York, but apparently there is some pretty awesome stuff going on there judging by the CD from David Michael Miller, Same Soil. Miller grew up just south of there the Buffalo, where he started his musical endeavors by playing at church, while still getting a wonderful education into the ways of blues, R&B, and soul. After years of playing gospel music, he formed a few bands to explore the world of blues and soul music, including Beautiful Bones and Dive House Union.

A few years ago he started recording solo projects, and Same Soil is his sophomore disc. David crammed the studio full of vintage equipment, and put his voice and guitar to work. He was joined by plenty of awesome sidemen, but his core band included keyboardist Jim Ehinger (Bonnie Raitt and Albert Collins), drummer Carlton Campbell (The Campbell Brothers), and saxman Jason Moynihan (Buddy Guy). Miller penned all eleven tracks for the disc, and it clocks in at a respectable 55 minutes – that is a lot of music for the money!

The first track in the set is “All the Blues to You,” which is an encouragement to enjoy blues in all of its forms. This is a great intro for the album, as David walks the walk: there are no two songs that sound the same, and he leads the listeners on a journey through many of the sub-genres of the blues. His voice is marvelous with clear and consistent tone, great intonation and outstanding diction. You will not need a lyrics sheet for this one!

Miller is also a very talented guitarist, and he lays down respectable acoustic and electric riffs throughout. His choice of vintage instruments was worth the effort as his tone is amazing. Likewise, Moynihan does a marvelous job of arranging the horns, Campbell has a heavy beat, and Ehinger is the master of the keys.

There is a little bit of most everything related to blues going on here: roots, rhythm and blues, soul, rock, blues rock and southern rock. There is even a killer live track, “Got Them Blues,” which was recorded at Buffalo’s bastion of the blues: The Market Bar. One of the standout tracks is “Doing Me In, Doing Me Wrong,” a killer stop time blues song with only riffs to die for.

This collection of diverse music all fits together into a cool package and none of the songs stand out or do not fit in. David Michael Miller turned in a solid performance on Same Soil with mature songwriting, good musicianship, and excellent production values. It is totally worth your time, so check it out if you get a chance!



  1. Thanks so much! I'm glad you dug the album and yea, there is a killer blues scene in Buffalo, NY. Check out to name one! I think there might be a typo in the article where you say "Martin penned all eleven tracks for the disc," instead of "Miller penned...", but I got plenty more where these came from and look forward to more recording in the near future. Thanks again!

  2. Fixed the typo, thanks for checking in!

  3. Hey Rex....thank you for the great review of David M Miller's new CD Same Soil!! I consider myself pretty damn lucky to live in Buffalo, NY...our love of everything Blues Music is alive and thriving thanks to the many fine artists & groups like David, TommyZ, Dive House Union, Jony James...They put so much love into what they grabs us right by the Soul & keeps us coming back for more!