Thursday, January 22, 2015

Schatten Multiple Knob and Bushing Puller Review


It can be pretty nerve-wracking to try to pry a knob off of a guitar, as using a screwdriver can easily lead to a broken knob, a scratched top, or both. It can be many times worse when trying to get a tight bushing out of a headstock or body. That was why I was so happy to get ahold of a Schatten multiple knob and bushing puller.

Puller have been around for ages, and are often used in heavy mechanical operations, such as removing bearings from transmissions or pulleys from engines or other machinery. These tools use leverage and evenly applied pressure to steadily pull the pressure-fitted components apart. As a side note, it is often fun to misuse tools of this type during crazy household repairs! Schatten applied this theory on a much smaller scale for more the delicate operations that are conducted during typical luthier repairs and modifications.

When you buy this tool, you will get an acrylic puller tube with a protective ring to prevent finish damage, a long bolt with a wing nut, the puller blocks (alight one for knobs and a heavy one for bridge and tailpiece studs), and a selection of screws that will thread into common bushings.

Using it is easy. Attach the correct puller block to the bolt and slip the u-shaped opening in the block under what ever it is you want to pull out. Slide to tube over the bolt, put the wing nut on top and crank it down until whatever it is you are working on pops loose. That is it, easy peasy!

I have used my puller a lot: Stratocaster and Les Paul knobs, headstock bushings, and even the bridge studs from my Explorer. It worked well every time, and I have not broken any of the parts or screwed up the finish on my instruments. What more could you ask for?

If you decide to pick one up, the $48.50 price might be a little off-putting for what seems to be a basic tool. But, the Schatten multiple knob and bushing puller is a well-made tool that will last for hundred of repairs, and the cost savings in reduced time, less broken parts, and not having to do finish touch-ups will make it worth every penny. Check one out for yourself!


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