Monday, January 19, 2015

Sampson PS04 Pop Filter Review


Well, not everything I review on Rex and the Bass can be sexy or cool, and I suppose pop filters fall into that category, but when you need one, you really need one. Today we are looking at the Sampson PS04 pop filter, which is on the lower end of the market, but still very effective.

For starters, they did not go for the terrible tamper-resistant packaging which is a big bonus for me. The PS04 and its microphone stand clamp are attached to a piece of cardboard with tie-wraps, which are easy enough to cut away so you can get to work.

After you get it loose you will find that the pop filter is about 4 ¾ inches across, and it is composed of two layers of nylon mesh that are affixed to a plastic ring. This ring is attached with screws to an 8-inch flexible steel (painted black) gooseneck. This gooseneck has a very fine thread collar that screws to the microphone stand mount.

The stand mount is also steel, and it attaches to most any normal-sized microphone stand, including the on-stage desktop stand that I use for voiceover work. The clamp is rubber coated and the mounting screw has a plastic anchor so there is little chance of marring your stand. The whole thing is pretty self-explanatory, and if you cannot figure out how to use it then you should not be messing around with recording equipment in the first place.

Why do you need a pop filter in the first place? It is important to note that A pop filter is not a windscreen. Windscreens are used outside to reduce the effect of the wind, and on stage to keep spit off the microphone. Pop filters are used for vocals and speech in a studio environment to reduce popping sounds caused by the impact of fast moving air on the microphone, which can be found when syllables that begin with P, B or D are pronounced (for the most part…).

I need a pop filter for recording voiceovers for work and school, and the Sampson SP04 works just fine for that. It fits tightly on my stand and provides good coverage for my Shure PG42 USB microphone. If you were looking for something to improve the quality of your voiceovers or podcasts, this would be a good choice.

My only complaints are that the gooseneck is just barely long enough for what I am using it for, and that it would be nice to have a little more adjustability at the head end of things. But, you get what you pay for, and this is not an expensive unit

As far as durability goes, I have not had any problems after the first few times I have used it, though it does not appear to be the sturdiest thing ever made. I would be very careful about putting it in a road case as the mesh sees quite fragile. The gooseneck holds position well, and as the screen is not very heavy I do not see any problems in the future for it. By the way, it does come with a 1-year warranty.

The Sampson PS04 pop filter does every thing it is supposed to, and it comes in at a decent price point, too. With a list price of $19.20, and an Amazon price of $14.27, it is a great buy for the occasional recording session. Check one out if you get the chance!


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