Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Success Story: Long Beach Guitar Repair to the Rescue


I have written before about how happy I am to have Long Beach Guitar Repair nearby, and they recently came to my rescue once again.

There was a neat 1990 cherryburst Gibson Les Paul Standard that I found and it was available at a good price. There are all kinds of blemishes on it, but it is honest playwear, which is not too troubling. But, there was a headstock repair that had been performed before. This is usually not a big deal, but this one had been repaired amateurishly, and though it was sturdy there was excess glue everywhere and it was a complete mess.

It eventually made its way over to the shop, and Chris said that he could make it a lot better. He worked on it for a week or two, with a call in the middle asking if I wanted the original style tuners back on. I like Grovers, but Les Pauls just look right with green tulip deluxe tuners, so I gave the ok. It turns out a few of the screws were broken, so it looks like it was the right choice...

When it came back I was very happy with the results—he got all of the excess goo off, and the repaired area is now smooth as silk. I wish it photographed better, but trust me, it is worlds better.

Chris got the work done under my budget (including nice set up and a little fret work), and I am pleased as punch; I would not hesitate to take any of my instruments there. Everybody there (Chris, Brian and Guillermo) have tons of experience, and they are friendly too!

Long Beach Guitar Repair is located at 2930 East 7th Street in Long Beach, and they are open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 AM to 6 PM. Check out their website at longbeachguitarrepair.com or give them a call at 562-621-9000. Say “hi” for me!


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