Saturday, June 21, 2014

2004 Sadowsky NYC PJ Bass Review


Today we are looking at one of the finest basses I have ever owned, a Sadowsky NYC Vintage P J bass guitar. For the gigging musicians a Sadowsky bass is one of the most desired instruments ever made.

Obviously it is a Fender clone, but the Fender Custom Shop has never cranked out anything as good as this bass. The full-size alder body has a Jazz Bass profile and shape, and it is finished in Inca Silver. Is has to be chambered, since it is so light. And, you have to dig that three-ply white pickguard with this finish.

It has a J-Bass width neck which is 1.5-inches wide at the nut, and a 9-inch radius on the fretboard. This has the optional vintage tint on the neck and a rosewood fretboard, which is gorgeous. The neck is a dream. The neck pocket fit is the tightest I have ever seen. It is true, and the truss rod wheel is a very handy feature for quick adjustments.

It has the original Sadowsky pickups and pre-amp with VTC. It has no unusual noises, and sounds flawless. The high-quality Sadowsky hardware is all present and in great condition. The bridge and tuners are full of tasty chrome goodnessand there is a bonus D-tuner.

It has all of these great features, and It weighs in at 7 pounds 3 ounces, according to my scale. Amazingly stupid light!

This one was made in 2004, and I got it from the original owner, who was inexplicably letting it go. I really liked it, but this bass might just be a lot more than what I need. Plus I have a couple of other Sadowskys already…

Maybe you should get one. These basses sell for over $4000 new, and you will have to wait at least 6 months to get one, so you had better order yours today!


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