Monday, August 27, 2012

Shure A56D Microphone Drum Mount Review

Buenos días, amigos!

There are plenty of drum microphone mounts out there, and many of them are pretty awful. Many times they are made of plastic (resin, they call it) and they just snap onto the drum rim. Would you trust a chunk of plastic to hold your $100 microphone while a foot away a guy is beating on the drums as hard as he can? It makes me nervous, which is why I really like the Shure A56D microphone drum mounts.

This mount is a quality piece that made of solid metal and has a classy looking black finish. The clamp is reversible so it works equally well on drum rims or cymbal stands. The clamp will fits drum rims 1/2-in. to 2 1/4 -in. in height, or on cymbal stands measuring from 3/8-in. 1 1/8-in. in diameter. The L adapter extension can be mounted through the side or the end of the clamp, to accomplish these two types of mounting.

The head of the L extension has two standard 5/8-in, 27-thread mounts that will fit all standard microphone holders. Large and small lock nuts are included so you have a good chance of having the right size to fit your microphone holder.

I have used these mounts many times and have always had great luck with them. They hold tightly onto drum rims, and they have enough adjustment that I can always get a microphone exactly where I need it. There are a few negative reviews on the internet; with complaints being that the mounts loosen up or that they are not versatile enough. I have not experienced this, and have to chalk these off to user error because these mounts excel in both of these areas.

The Shure A56D is a great mount, and is priced accordingly. The list price is $44 each, with a street price of $40. The hot ticket for these is to buy them as part of a pre-packaged set (Shure includes 3 of these when you buy the set that includes 3 SM57s and a Beta 52A), or to pick them up from eBay from guys who bought the sets and did not want or need them. Either way you are not going to go wrong with these mounts.



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