Sunday, August 1, 2010

August is Ernie Ball MusicMan Month

Hello! Until a few years ago, I thought of MusicMan as the company that made Stingray basses for Flea. That’s it. I had no idea about the wide variety of guitars and basses that they make.

And I am pretty sure that there are still quite a few guitarists and bassists out there that are in the same boat as me. Of course there are exceptions, such as the Eddie Van Halen signature guitars that were built years ago, but there is a lot more to MusicMan than this.

MusicMan started selling guitars basses and amplifiers back in 1974. The company was started by Leo Fender, Tom Walker and Forrest White. Sales were slow, and by 1984 were near bankruptcy.

The Ernie Ball company bought the MusicMan in 1984, and started introducing new and innovative models. All of them are built to very high quality standards, and are highly-regarded by real musicians. This has been a successful formula that continues to this day.

So, I am going to devote my blog for the month of August to these fine guitars and basses. I am a fanboy of the highest order, so this will not be a tedious task.

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  1. The big question is where are you going to start?

    And the next one is will you buy, sell, or trade any during the month?

    The but I mean it with love,