Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pickworld Custom Guitar Picks Review


I do not know if it is hubris or a marketing ploy, but at some point in time many guitarists think about getting personalized guitar picks made up. In the old days this would have been a pretty tough task, but in the age of the internet this is a surprisingly easy task.

After searching around, I decided to order my picks from, which is a division of the Wilmington Fibre Specialty Company in Delaware. My decision was based on checking with other bands and musicians to see who they used, as well as their prices and options, which are all pretty darned good.

There are myriad choices and prices for their picks, all of which are clearly listed on their website. You can choose any shape or color you can imagine, in a variety of materials, including, celluloid, Delrin and PVC. Printing can be done on one or two sides, in oodles of colors, and you can even have them imprinted in gold foil (very classy). And you can order any amount you want, in quantities as low as 25 for $25. What a cool Christmas of Hanukah present that would be!

Oh, yeah. And their picks are all made here in the United States.

I stuck with traditional heavy thickness celluloid tortoise shell 351 picks. This is the most common shape around, and these are the ones that I actually use when playing guitar. Ironically, I do not use picks when playing bass, even though I run

It was easy to order, as I submitted my art via email and placed the final order via phone. It took only a few weeks to get my bag of picks, and they looked exactly like I thought they would. A 1000 screen-printed picks with my web address on one side and my logo on the other set me back $260, which not too bad when you consider I can reach that many new viewers for only 26 cents each.

The picks have worked out well, and I pass them out like a mad man. Other musicians love to get something for free (that they can actually use), and it is a great promotion for my blog. By the way, I have never seen anybody throw away a perfectly good guitar pick!


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