Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hercules Triple Auto Grab Guitar Stand Review


There are plenty of really bad ways to store guitars at a gig or rehearsal place, and many of them come about when there is the desire to have more than one ready to play. This is when guitars get leaned against amplifiers or chairs, and they inevitably fall over and break expensive parts.

Guitar stands are the answer, but having more than one set up takes up too much valuable real estate on stage. This is where the Hercules triple guitar stand comes into play.

Hercules makes the best guitar wall hangers on the market, due to their Auto Grab System. When the guitar headstock contacts the yoke assembly, the weight of the guitar makes a pair of levers swing into place to keep the guitar from falling out. This same system is incorporated into their floor stands.

This means that the Hercules stands use a completely different strategy to hold the guitar, in that all of the guitar’s weight is supported by the headstock, and not the body. The body rests against foam on the legs and an adjustable back rest, and the manufacturer asserts that the foam will not damage the guitar’s finish. I would be careful with nitro-finished instruments, though.

These Hercules stands are made of heavy steel, and are adjustable for height. They break down nicely into one piece so there are no worries about losing parts during load-in or load-out.

My experience with the triple stand has been very positive, and I have used it with different combinations of guitars and basses. It remains stable when changing instruments, and does not get unbalanced if only loaded with one or two instruments. I have not had any troubles with parts breaking off or the foam discoloring the finish on my guitars.

As always, quality does not come cheaply. The Hercules Auto Grab triple guitar stand has a list price of $131.95 and a street price of $92.95. It is worth every penny.

If the triple stand is overkill for your application, Hercules also makes single and double stands, which have street prices of $46.95 and $74.95, respectively.

Any of these Hercules stands would be a great way to safely have your guitars readily at hand without taking up a ton of floor space. I recommend checking them out if you get the chance.


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