Saturday, March 10, 2012

Swirlygig Microphone Stand Drink Holder Review


Nature abhors uncluttered horizontal surfaces, and works quickly to cover them with detritus. A good example of this is the top of an amplifier, which is like a magnet for string packages, tuners, picks, capos and (unfortunately) the container for whatever is being drunk at the moment.

I will not lecture you on the hubris of placing an open container full of liquid on top of an expensive piece of fragile equipment that has 110 volts of St. Vitus Dance flowing through it. I have done it too, but there is a better way, and a clever gadget to do it with, too.

I first saw the Swirlygig drink holder when my buddy Eric’s band did a gig for my house party. It took me only a few seconds to realize what a cool idea it was, and I picked one up on my next order from Musician’s Friend.

The simple design of this device is pure genius. It is a coil of lightweight rod that fits onto a microphone stand tube with no assembly or tools (they have sizes to fit either ½-inch or 1-inch tubing). Most drink containers fit in it, and it is not so heavy that it makes the stand fall over. Also, if you use your beer bottle as a slide, it helps you keep one close by for whenever you need it.

These things really rock, and you should pick up a Swirlygig for everybody in your band. The list price is $14.99, and retailers are selling them for as low as $9.99. Consider it an investment in your future.


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  1. This is a great microphone stand to have especially during practice sessions. You can have your drink just in front of you.