Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Blues Blast Magazine


If you are a fan of the blues, there is a safe place on the often-treacherous internet to find new music and to check out what is happening in the blues world. And that place would be Blues Blast magazine.

Blues Blast is based out of Illinois (where else could it be from, really…) and is in its sixth year of production for its weekly magazine. The subscription to this magazine is free, by the way…

This magazine provides CD reviews and artist interviews, many of which are for artists that you may not be familiar with. There really is no better way to expand your horizons than to check out new music.

There are also listings for upcoming shows and festivals, and links to comprehensive lists of shows in your state. Looking over the California list I found two shows within 10 miles of my house this week, and one of them is at a club that I did not even know had live music. It is an eye-opener.

You can also find their current and back issues at thebluesblast.com

But Blues Blast is not just serving the listening community; it also helps blues artists. They accept CD submissions for review and will include your band’s shows on the blues shows list for free. This is a painless way to get your band promoted to tens of thousands of readers each week. The magazine also honors exceptional musicians by sponsoring the annual Blues Blast Music Awards.

And the best part of all of this is that it is all FREE to you! So head on over to thebluesblast.com to sign up for a free weekly subscription and find a blues show near you.


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