Tuesday, December 20, 2011

MusicMan 2006 Limited Edition Guitars and Basses


Today we are looking at a peach of a limited edition bass: a 2006 Ernie Ball MusicMan Bongo. This limited edition was not limited to basses, it also included many guitars in the MusicMan lineup.

These instruments were finished in glossy black poly, and came with gold-plated hardware – even the pole pieces on the pickups were gold-plated. Ordinarily I shy away from gold hardware, but it is irresistible on a black instrument. They also came with 5-layer black pickguards, which are a classy touch.

Each 2006 limited edition model also had “Limited Edition 2006” silkscreened in gold by the neck plate. They shipped in a pimp-daddy custom black faux-skin G&G hard shell case with a limited edition badge inside.

Other than these differences these instruments were configured the same as their conventional MusicMan counterparts.

I picked this one as new old stock in 2008 from a dude that owed me (and a lot of other people) money. It was a beautiful instrument, and very well made. The finish was perfect and the neck was very good.

Of course, I am not a 5-string player, so it did not stick around long, but I did get most of my cash back.


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