Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ernie Ball MusicMan Blue Dawn Limited Edition Guitars and Basses


Today we are looking at a stunning custom guitar color, the Blue Dawn that was offered by Ernie Ball on their MusicMan guitars and basses. Blue Dawn is a metal-flake sparkly blue burst (or fade, as the hot rod guys call it).

This color was originally introduced in 2001 and was discontinued after a year or two due to lack of demand and difficulties in shooting heavily metallic finishes.

Members of the MusicMan forums complained that they could not get Blue Dawn instruments any more, and it was eventually released again as a limited edition in 2007.

They limited edition instruments came with or without matching headstocks, and were available on most models in their line-up. Of course they did not have Bongo basses back in 2001, but they did in 2007, and Blue Dawn looks spectacular on them.

These instruments all came with 3-layer black pickguards (the ones that came with pickguards, anyway) and chrome hardware, which are tasteful additions to an otherwise aggressive color scheme.

Each 2007 Limited Edition model also had a “2007 LE” inlay at the 12th fret, and shipped in a custom blue G&G hardshell case with a limited edition badge inside.

Other than these differences these instruments were configured the same as the usual MusicMan instruments.

I have owned a few Blue Dawn guitars and basses (2 Sterling basses and an Albert Lee guitar), and they were certainly lookers, with all of the quality workmanship I have come to expect from MusicMan.

Check one out if you get a chance!



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