Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Walk Thee Invisible Album Review


I saw Sean Wheeler and Zander Schloss perform at the Mariachi El Bronx record release party, and had to check into them a little further, because they put on a great show.

For those of you that have not heard of these guys, you should know that they have seen the elephant. Zander Schloss is an industry heavy and punk rock icon from way back (Circle Jerks), and Sean Wheeler is the frontman for Throw Rag (among others).

They both have a ton of talent and work seamlessly together, making their album, Walk Thee Invisible, a real treat to listen to. You might expect a hard rock/punk sound but this is actually an acoustic alternative folk/blues album.

Sean’s voice is pure soul and Zander is a very competent guitar player, and he uses virtually every type of acoustic guitar somewhere on the 9 songs on this album. The songs are not overly long or self-indulgent and are well written with thoughtful lyrics.

This album is a peach, and I really think you ought to give it a try.

You can pick up a digital copy from iTunes for $5.99 or go find their CD for 12 bucks at Best Buy. It will be money well spent, and I would love to see these guys get some props.


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