Saturday, August 13, 2011

Stewart MacDonald Guitar Supply

Como estas?

If you like working on guitars, or if you just enjoy woodworking, you have check out Stewart-MacDonald of Athens, Ohio. They have been selling guitar parts and luthier’s tools for over 40 years, and are the best in the business.

I first found about Stew-Mac when I needed to find some grabber strap buttons for a Kubicki bass, and The Man recommended that I check with them. They had them, and pretty much every part I have needed since then. They carry OEM parts for both electric and acoustic guitars, as well as a panoply of bodies, necks, pickups, bridges and tuners in case you want to build your own guitar.

Stewart-MacDonald also has every tool you will need to build or set-up your own guitar, rewind your pickups or replace worn out frets. For example, they carry files for every application, including ones for nut work and cleaning up sharp fret edges. If you need it, they have it.

If you are still learning guitar repair or set-up, they also have sell plenty of how-to books. My favorite is Dan Erlewine’s How to Make your Electric Guitar Play Great!. Every guitarist should have a copy of this, even if they don’t ever plan on working on an instrument. It gives a lot of insight into why guitars play the way they do, and how minor adjustments can change the way they play. It is $20 well spent.

There are also juicy repair hints on the website in the “Trade Secrets” section. I am on their mailing list so I get the Trade Secrets newsletter via e-mail, and there are lots of clever tips on improvising tools and repair solutions.

Go to and see what they have to offer!


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