Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pro Sound and Lighting Auction in the Los Angeles Area


I wanted to let my Southern California readers in on a killer auction of pro sound and stage equipment that is going on this week.

R.L. Spear Co. is closing out a business, and looking through the 435 lots they have up for bidding, it looks like there are a lot of gems in there. There are guitars and wind instruments, speakers, monitors, lighting controllers, microphones, road cases, amplifiers, huge stage junction blocks and snakes and much much more.

I have prior experience with R.L. Spear Co., having bid their auction of Sony Studios props and equipment, and they are a reputable firm. They liquidate businesses from all industries and I have seen their auctions for everything from software companies to dental offices. If you can think of it they have probably auctioned it.

Of course, the auction company is not an expert on this equipment, so this is definitely a good time to show some caution. If at all possible you should inspect the items in person before bidding.

To inspect the items the hours are 9AM to 4PM on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and the location is 2200 Fleetwood Drive in Riverside, CA. Bidding is now open, and the auctions start to end at 2PM on Friday, July 8.

This is an online-only auction, and items must be picked up in person from Riverside, California on Saturday July 9 or Monday July 11. A 13% buyer premium applies to all purchases.

You can find instructions, register to bid and check out the wares at http://server2.maxanet.com/cgi-bin/mnlist.cgi?spear6/category/ALL


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  1. You know, I've never played bass through a Marshall cab. Have I missed something, Rex?

    Ray Duke