Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mapex Pro M Drum Kit


Today we are looking at the dust collection system I installed in my garage, also known as a drum set.

This was a Craigslist bargain I got for my kid for Christmas a few years back, and he showed even less enthusiasm for it than I have. It is a complete set with all the hardware, including road cases, that I got for just a few hundred bucks. The sellers were the Long Beach punk band “Clit .45”. And no, that is not a typo. This provenence provides lots of amusing moments, such as watching my boy puzzle out the filthy words written on the tom head, or finding the women's underwear that were stuffed behind the padding in the road cases. "Time to wash up for dinner, son!"

It is a good quality set, and it sounds great. Of course it has some road rash from all the touring the band did, but I have not needed to replace anything.

The drums are a Mapex Pro M 4-piece kit, with a 14x6” snare, a 22x26” bass, a 13x12” tom and a 16x16” floor tom. The shells are pretty light, and are made of 100% 7-ply maple with a transparent green finish. The hoops are 2.3mm Powerhoops. I should probably change the Remo heads, as they are looking a bit crusty.

The snare, cymbal and hi-hat stands are all standard Mapex issue, and are good enough for the likes of me. The cymbals are good, with 14” Sabian AA Regular hi-hats, an 18” Zildjian Medium Crash and a 21” Zildjian Z Custom Mega Bell Ride.

Anyway, it was a great kit for the money, and I promise to learn how to play it better (some day).



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  2. I have the exact same kit. I got it from a guy I know and only paid 300$ and it was a complete playable kit.