Monday, September 20, 2010

iPad vs. iPod Touch

Well, I love new gadgets, and in the hype leading up to the release of Apple’s iPad, I was giddy like a schoolgirl with the dreams of getting one.

You see, I saw the iPad as a giant iPod Touch. And I love almost everything about the iPod touch. It can play music, games, movies, and do all kinds of gnarly apps. Plus it is a nice web browser, good enough that I spend very little time using a real computer around the house (God bless wi-fi!). The bad part: once I hit 40 my close-up eyesight has gone to the dogs. So, it is a bit too small.

However, the swelling started to go down after the iPad was released, and seeing that it did not have a USB port or even an SD card slot. Wait -- it can’t run Flash? For $600+, I expected a bit more.

And here is the best part: no camera on the iPad. Hey, the new iPod Touch has 2 cameras on it. How is it even possible that Apple did not put them on the iPad? Is this another example of Apple testing out a prototype on the public?

But the final death knell for me was when I tried one out. It is just too big, having the same footprint as my trusty netbook. I want something a little more portable.

In mitigation, there are plenty of really bitchen apps for the iPad, especially for music-related things. The Korg drum machine is amazing! And the display is sharp, so it is great for watching video.

But, this is just not good enough for me, so I am sticking with the iPod touch. That is, until they can come out with something priced and sized somewhere between it and the iPad. Rumor has it that next year we will see a lower-priced iPad with a 7-inch screen. If it is cheaper, I may be in.

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